Maharshi Dayanand College library is open access library that gives opportunity to the users to provide diverse information. Library plays important role to connect people to share, create and access knowledge. Institute encourages the free exchange of information and ideas in a democratic society.

 Maharshi Dayanand College library is a vital center of knowledge for college students & staff. It provides traditional & innovative library services to right user at right time, which reflects the diverse & dynamic spirit of M D College community. Through promotion the library makes people aware of the resources available to them, and through innovation, it makes access to these resources easier. The library regularly updates its collection to support professional growth, opportunity and provide dynamic learning environment.


Rules Provide reading habit among the students
Rules Support teaching, learning & research activities.
Rules Assist users in understanding & utilizing the full range of information services and technologies to promote independent learning through user awareness programme.
Rules Provide user friendly atmosphere.
Rules Serve as an information resource centre of the college where information will be acquired, analyzed and stored, disseminated and used by all those seeking to learn, discover and create new knowledge.