Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Library Located ?

Library is located at Ground Floor in two sections Main Library and Arts & Science section
Stack Room / Reference room is also there above the Main Library.

What are the timings of the library ?

On working days :9.00 am to 7.00 pm [Mon-Fri];

Sat- 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

8.00 a.m. to 7.30 pm (Reading Room No.3 Only)

During Vacation : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

How many Books M D College Library owns ?

44000 books, which includes Senior College Books UG & PG, Junior College Books & HSVC Dept Books,

Can I get a tour of the M D College library ?

Virtual tour is not available on the website However you can visit the library physically to see the various sections.

How do I get a library card ?

Your Identity card can be used as a  library card . You can take the Identity card against the fee receipt from the library counter.

Is Library is automated ?

Library is automated using SLIM Software

Where can I get the current Newspaper and Periodicals in the library ?

Current newspapers and periodicals are in the main library. Marathi and Hindi magazines are in the Arts Section.

Can I make suggestions to the library ?

Yes, you can put a suggestion. There is a suggestion box kept in both the sections of the library where you can drop your suggestions.
You can also give online suggestions by clicking on Online Feedback Online Feedback

Does the library own Audio/Video and Multimedia material ?

Library have more than 500 CD/DVD on various subjects including free CDs comes along with the book.

How many books can I take at a time ?

Following are the rules for issuing the books under various user categories


Class Books Magazines Duration in days Fine in Rs
Junior College students 1 0 7 1 per day
UG Students 2 0 7 1 per day
PG Students 2 0 15 1 per day
Research Scholars 5 2 30 NA
Sr. Staff Members 20 5 180 NA
Jr. Staff Members 10 5 180 NA
Non Teaching Staff 5 2 30 NA
Unaided Staff 5 2 30 NA

Do you have overnight issue book facility ?

Yes, we can give book for overnight issue (carrel issue) also with prior request. However the fine of the same is Rs 5/- day.

Does the library provide Career guidance books and magazine for various exam preparations ?

Yes, we have more than 300 books on career guidance and competitive exam preparations. Library subscribes few magazines also under this category.

Can I use Laptop in the Library ?

Yes you can use for academic purpose only, but library does not have separate area for the same.

Is Wi-Fi is available in the library ?

Wi-Fi is not available in the Library for the students.

Can I check my lending status online ?

Yes you can check the lending status via Web-OPAC which is available on net by giving your library membership number through this link

What do I do if will not find any book which shows in Web OPAC ?

You can fill the demand slip and submit to the issues counter. Library staff will search the book for you.You can fill the demand slip and submit to the issues counter. Library staff will search the book for you.You can fill the demand slip and submit to the issues counter. Library staff will search the book for you.You can fill the demand slip and submit to the issues counter. Library staff will search the book for you.Web Opac can be accessible through QR Code via Smartphone

Is Library staff helps me to locate the book?

Yes, Staff will guide you about arrangement of the books in the library and also locate the book .

Can I Suggest A book to the library ?

Yes any user can suggest the book which is not available in the library via library site, mail or through suggestion box.

Where is the Internet Section ?

Internet Section is in the main library funded by UGC Network resource centre. Eight Computers are available for internet access. Timings for internet section are 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.You have to make entry in the register .This facility is free for regular students only

Can I reserve a computer in the Library ?

It is on first come first basis. However we do allow sitting longer hours if any other users are not there.

Can I Use Internet in the Library?

Library provides Free Internet to all the college students who have registered as Library member .
1. Eight computers for net surfing.
2.Printout charges in Rs.
B & W 3/-per page (one side)
B & W 4/- per page (Both side)
Color text 5/-per page
Color image 8/- per page
Color print on Photo paper 10/- per page
Scan document 5/- per page

Can I use Mobile device in the internet section ?

Yes, with prior permission and only for academic purpose.However use of mobile phones is not allowed in the library.

What to do if I am not finding right information on Google ?

You can take help of the Librarian; she will help you to search right information with minimum hits.

How to save my time while searching information on net ?

Use Boolean Operators i.e. AND, OR & NOT for narrow down the search. Still if you find difficult you can ask Librarian to assist you.

How can I get E resources ?

Go to this link in College library website E-Resources to access E -resources.

Can I download E books available in the library ?

You can send a request to Library. You will get the softcopy in your mail if it is required for Academic Purpose and not for commercial use.

Can I copy the internet material for preparing the project ?

Yes you can However; you have to follow the copyright rule strictly.

Where can I get open access Journals of my subject?

Pl check this link for open access journals of your subject

Where can I get the Syllabus?

The entire syllabus of all subjects are available in Mumbai University website with this link University of Mumbai website 

Where can I get the Question papers ?

At the reprographic counter and also the OPAC machine in the library.Question papers can also available on Institutional Repository

Can I request any book/s which is issued to another user ?

Yes, you can put a demand slip in writing or inform the library staff.

Can I take photocopy of all library material ?

No, you can take photocopy of Library material as per copyright rule.

Where is the text book section ?

All the text books are kept in the main Library near the issue counter. Text books are arranged Class wise.

Can I have the old magazine that library discards ?

Pl checks the notice board when we display the old magazines for sale.

Can I get UGC NLIST password to access e resources ?

Pl. sends mail to giving your membership details at the start of the year.

Do I have to pay the fine if I return the book late after due date ?

Yes, as per rule mentioned above in home issue policy

Can I renew the books ?

You can renew the book before the due date, if no demand is made for the same book by another user.

How many times I can renew the books?

Twice , if fine is not due on that book.

Can I take my personal books inside the library ?

No, as it is open access library we will not allow personal books. However in Reading room no.3 you can sit along with the bag.

Can I study with my own notes in the Library ?

You can allow only single note book inside the library.

What should I do if I lost the Library books/magazines borrowed from the library?

Cost will be recovered as per below mentioned rule as well as fine of the book/s to be charged separately.
If issued book is lost or damaged by any user then the same book or later edition has to be replaced.
If the lost book is not available any where in Mumbai then cost will be recovered in the following manner
1. If the book is published before 1985’s then 5 times cost of the book will be recovered.
2. If the book is published in between 1986’s – 1999 then 2 times cost of the book will be recovered.
3. However after 2000 publications same cost will be recovered.
In case of periodicals same cost will be recovered.

What should I Do If I lost the Identity card?

You immediately report to the library for loss of the card. Duplicate card can be made by paying Rs 500/- to the Office with written application.

Where do I submit the book review ?

You can submit book review to the librarian or send via mail to giving your membership details and book accession number, author and title. Book review can be in any language(English, Marathi or Hindi)

How can I contribute to Library Blog / twitter?

You can go to Library blogor Twitter and subscribe as e mail or in the followers list. You can post a comment on Post or else you can send mail to the library. We will add your contribution and notify you.

How can I contribute to College Library website ?

You can contribute by writing small inspiring stories, poems, articles or any contemporary issues and send by mail. Library will edit the content if required and then publish in the website.

Can I use Mobile in the library ?

NO, You have to put your mobile in Silent mode.

Can I use Ear plugs keeping mobile in silent mode ?

NO, because it distracts other users to study.

What you will do if any user is not maintaining the discipline ?

Library will fine the user minimum of Rs.50/- to Rs.500/- . User membership can also be terminated for the whole year.

If any user misuses the internet facility what library will do ?

We have a tracking system of all the machines. If any user misuses the facility we will terminate the library membership. Serious cases will report to the higher authority for further action.

Can I contribute to college magazine?

Yes, you can send softcopy via mail or hard copy of your article to the library. We will forward to the editor of the magazine. Article can be submitted in Marathi, English or Hindi language.